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   Located in Millerton, New York in the heart of the Hudson Valley Spencer's Corners Farm started growing trees in 2006. Our goal to nurture young stock to mature trees is now well under way. In 2006 we established a relationship with Schmidt Nursery from Oregon, and after careful research, we decided to purchase twenty varieties of deciduous  trees.

   Planting young nursery stock from Oregon in our upstate New York location requires careful  planning. Our New York environment differs from that of Oregon's, and each tree needs special attention during the first years of growing. Nutritious soil and water are essential requirements for healthy trees, both of which are abundant in Millerton. Each tree reacts differently to its surroundings and that is where our work begins. As tree growers, we provide each tree with the utmost care: from root pruning, to fall and winter pruning, from tree guards during winter season, to fertilizing and insect control. In order to achieve a complete health tree care plan we signed up with Peerless Tree Expert Company, located in Massachusetts. Our trees have been on a yearlong program with Peerless since the beginning. Spencer's Corners Farm takes pride in the fact that our trees mature healthy and that they represent  the top of their species. Root pruning and transplanting trees prove difficult, but with the expertise and equipment of Whalen Nursery, Inc. in Massachusetts, we found a solid partner to accomplish this task.

 This website introduces you to our inventory and our field setup and I welcome you to take a tour. Our inventory should be an extended branch of your business, and in doing so, your business saves the expenses on maintenance of such an inventory. Once we establish a relationship, you can freely and without pressure show your own clients both young and mature trees in our fields. Not only will your client appreciate our selection, but they will have the opportunity to view the trees in our serene setting.

For retail or wholesale prices please call (518) 789 – 6349 or email us


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